Bare Embedding

BareEmbedding is a random init tf.keras.layers.Embedding layer for text sequence embedding, which is the defualt embedding class for kashgari models.

kashgari.embeddings.BareEmbedding.__init__(self, embedding_size=100, **kwargs)
  • embedding_size (int) – Dimension of the dense embedding.

  • kwargs (Any) – additional params

Here is the sample how to use embedding class. The key difference here is that must call analyze_corpus function before using the embed function. This is because the embedding layer is not pre-trained and do not contain any word-list. We need to build word-list from the corpus.

import kashgari
from kashgari.embeddings import BareEmbedding

embedding = BareEmbedding(embedding_size=100)

embedding.analyze_corpus(x_data, y_data)

embed_tensor = embedding.embed_one(['语', '言', '模', '型'])